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Crank-Solar-USB Port Radio
Emergency Hand Crank/Solar Radio
DEGEN DE 16, Emergency Multi Band FM-FML-MW-SW Portable Hand Crank-Solar, World Radio Receiver with Build in USB Port to charge Cell phones... 

...Wheew, that’s a mouthful! This Multi-tasking dynamo comes with Plenty of Features such as:

  • FM/FML/MW/SW 1-4 World band Receiver
  • Emergency alarm function alert Sound
  • LED Flashlight
  • High Performance integrated circuit, High Sensitivity and SNR (signal to noise ratio).
  • Solar Panel
  • 180-Degree Rotating Antenna for Easier Receiving
  • Build-in D57mm Speaker for Crystal Clear Sound
  • Self-Powered Hand Crank Charging System
  • Build in USB Port to Charge Cell phones with a power out line.
  • Built-in-NI-MH Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.5mm Earphone Jack input
  • DC Jack/External Power Supplier Interface.
  • Four kinds of power supply: 1) Lithium rechargeable battery, 2) 3xAA battery, 3) solar battery, 4) external 6V adapter.
  • Three kinds of power charge: 1) self-powered hand crank, 2) solar charging, 3) external adapter.
  • Solar battery and self-powered hand crank charging system.
  • Portable size with handle, easy to carry.
  • Size: 165(W) X 142(H) X 78(D)mm
  • Weight: 437g

  Radio Features:

  • FM: 87-108.0MHz
  • FML: 164-87MHz
  • MW: 520-1710KHz
  • SW: 4.0-26.0MHz.
  • SW1: 4.0-9.0MHz, SW2: 9.0-14.0MHz
  • SW3: 14.0-19.0MHz, SW4: 19.0-26.0MHz
  • Selectivity > 12dB
  • Noise limit sensitivity: FM band < 10uV, MW band < 1mV/m, SW band < 30uV.
  • Comes with Chinese Manual ( but Radio is easy to operate)
  • 15 Days Money back Guaranteed!

When you need reliable means of keeping in the know, now… in an emergency, this 1-4 World band Receiver will deliver. The Four kinds of power supply-Lithium rechargeable battery, 3xAA battery, solar battery, external 6V adapter makes this Emergency radio a must, an essential part of any Survival or Emergency Kit.

Only: $54.95

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Gear to Live
Crank-Solar Multi Band Radio
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Emergency Multi Band FM-FML-MW-SW Portable Hand Crank-Solar, World Radio Receiver with Build-in USB Port
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